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optionsXpress Mobile Application

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General FAQs

Do optionsXpress brokerage commissions apply when I use the optionsXpress Mobile Application?
Yes. Unless otherwise noted, brokerage commissions apply to all mobile trades.
I am unable to update my optionsXpress Mobile Application.
If you are having trouble downloading or installing the application, or while updating, verify if the application is currently installed. If it is already installed, then remove that application and download it again from using your mobile browser.
How secure is my information with optionsXpress Mobile?
optionsXpress Mobile does not store your password in the device, and maintains a default active window of 15 minutes, after which you may have to re-login to continue.
Will optionsXpress Mobile work on my device?
When you visit from your mobile browser, your device model will be detected automatically. Otherwise, you will receive a message noting that the application does not support your device at this time.
The mobile application does not download. What do I do?
Please visit from your device. If the mobile is supported, then report the error along with your mobile model and wireless provider to us.
If you are attempting to access optionsXpress Mobile using your BlackBerry, please make sure that the ‘Browser Emulation Mode' is set to BlackBerry and not to Internet Explorer, Firefox, or another browser. You can check this by looking into Browser->Options-> Browser Configuration-> Emulation Mode.
The application downloaded properly, but is showing an error now. What do I do?
Report the error along with your mobile model and wireless provider to
As an optionsXpress customer, do I have access to live data through optionsXpress Mobile?
The optionsXpress Mobile Application is currently limited to accounts enabled for real-time quotes.
Is the mobile application free?
The optionsXpress Mobile Application is free for optionsXpress users. Trades are charged as applicable - see our commissions page.
I'm receiving timeout errors.
Timeout errors are often attributable to a "temporary fault" to the server such as poor data connection or poor signal. If such a problem persists, contact our help team at
Where do I go to download the application?
Visit on your mobile browser and follow the download instructions for your specific device.
Which mobile devices do you support?
The optionsXpress Mobile Application is currently supported on the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Palm Pre and Windows mobile (only Touch screen) devices.
Is streaming data available on the Mobile Application?
Streaming data is available on the optionsXpress Mobile Application if your account is enabled for real-time data. Please note, however, that excessive use of streaming data can lead to rapid battery depletion. You can turn streaming data off when not in use by using the toggle switch at the bottom of the screen.
How does order confirmation work on optionsXpress Mobile?
Trades placed via optionsXpress Mobile are sent to the optionsXpress back end via an API (Application Programming Interface). An order number is generated, which indicates that the order has been placed with optionsXpress. Confirmation of order execution can be checked by viewing "Positions" or "View Orders".
Can I trade multiple accounts using optionsXpress Mobile?
The current API does not support multiple account facility, meaning optionsXpress Mobile can access only one optionsXpress account at any time. Therefore, if you are trading in two different accounts, then you may need to login separately for each account.
Is there a user manual available for optionsXpress Mobile?
Yes. To access the optionsXpress Mobile user manual for BlackBerry, go to; for Windows, see
I cannot see Option Pricer tool in the Mobile Application. Is it not supported?
The Option Pricer is not currently available on optionsXpress Mobile.
I can see charts for stocks, but not for futures.
Only stock charts are available on optionsXpress Mobile at this time. However, futures charting will be implemented soon.
Are there any plans to support the Palm Pre?
Yes. We are currently working to add the Palm Pre to our list of supported devices.

Windows & BlackBerry FAQs

Do you support Windows Smartphone devices?
Our current Windows Mobile Application supports only the Pocket PC (touch screen) with Windows Mobile 5 and above. Support for Windows mobile SmartPhones will be implemented shortly.
I have installed and opened the application, but am unable to type in my credentials.
This error occurs when you try to run with Windows mobile standard Smartphone devices, because the current Application is optimized for touch screen devices only. Users can get the devices information from Start> Settings> Systems> About. If your device is named as Windows Mobile 6.x "Standard," then it is not supported at this time.
I downloaded the application, but I am unable to see the icon.
Once the application is downloaded, the icon should appear in the "Downloads" or "Applications" folder depending on the theme provided by your carrier. In the case of devices running on 4.6 and 4.7 OS, any new application that is installed will be available in the Downloads folder. You will be able to find your Downloads or Applications folder on the BlackBerry Home screen.
How do I find the OS version of my device?
Click on "Options" and go to the "About" page to find your device information.
Alternatively, the OS of your device can be obtained by typing the auto text "myver" and pressing space in any of the BlackBerry applications like mail, texting or notes.
What is a 907 Invalid Cod file?
What is a 907 Invalid Cod file?
  1. Bad data connection while download is in progress, so please try again.
  2. Default Browser may be the WAP browser provided by your carrier. Check Browser > Options > General Options > Default Browser. This should read BlackBerry Browser or Internet Browser or WiFi Browser.
  3. HTML content might have been disabled. Please check if the Browser - is WML & HTML in Browser > Options > General Configuration > Content Type > WML & HTML
  4. Restrictive IT Policies set via your BES.
  5. In an extremely rare occurrence, our download servers have gone down.
If these do not seem to fix the issue, click on the details button and contact with the message displayed.
What does it mean if I get the message "Channel Error:"
This is a connection issue. Depending on the message displayed after the IOException, it could be related to one of the following issues:
  1. Unable to open connection - This could be because of non-availability of data connection, or that our servers are somehow unreachable.
  2. Application making connections from inside and outside firewall - This issue generally occurs when you are connected through BES. Try selecting the option "None" in the dropdown in the loading screen and restart the application.
  3. Connection Handler not available – This happens when the device is unable to handle secure connections for some reason. In this case, we default all encryption to the device rather than the proxy by setting the Options -> Security Options -> TLS -> TLS Default to "Handheld" from "Proxy."
I am receiving Channel Error: " Exception".
Here are some general fixes to most connection problems:
APN Settings: Options>Advanced Options > TCP
Generally setting these values to the carrier APN settings solves most connection issues.
Connection Prompts:
Did the device prompt an "Allow connections to" message box? If it didn't, you can try the following:
  • Options > Security Options > Application Permissions, highlight optionsXpress and press Menu
  • Select "Edit Permissions"
  • Restart the application, and the device should prompt for new connections.
If the error seems to occur once inside the application, or follows no specific occurrence patterns, then it must be because of weak signal strength.
If none these scenarios apply, or if you have further questions, feel free to get in touch with us at
What do I do if the download link is not visible on the download page?
If you have visited the download page already, the BlackBerry browser might have cached the page. Try to refresh the page once again by clicking on "Menu" and then "Refresh." You should now be able to view the download link.
Please note: If this is the first time you are visiting the page, please send us the OS version of your device. The version is available in Options > About.
My Application exits when trying to upgrade to newer version.
When the Application asks for an automatic update, click on "OK" and the app will exit. On some BlackBerry devices, if the browser was already active, it generally is not automatically opened. You might need to click on the browser from the BB Home screen. The browser should have already opened the download link.
Alternately, you can delete your existing Application and download from
After downloading the Application, the browser window is still open and I don't know where to find my Application.
Most BlackBerry devices have a Downloads or Applications folder. If the browser does not close on download, please exit the BlackBerry browser and return to your menu screen.
How do I download the optionsXpress Mobile Application to my BlackBerry?
Visit from your BB browser and follow these instructions:
  1. Sign off on the user agreement.
  2. Click on ‘Download BlackBerry' (beta version).
  3. You can view the ‘Description page.'
  4. The Application successfully downloads.
Now that I have downloaded the Application, how do I run it?
The Application may have been downloaded to the `Applications’ or `Downloads’ folder for your device. Click on the optionsXpress Mobile logo to run the Application.
What do I do if the Application hangs while I’m trying to log in?
This may occur on the 8700 series with 4.1 OS. Try switching the TLS Default in Options > Security Options > TLS to "handheld" from "proxy" and then save and restart the Application.
In other devices, it is likely to be a problem with settings for secure (SSL) connections. Try to reboot your device and then download the Application once again to overwrite the existing Application.
The Application doesn’t seem to recognize my device’s keyboard.
The textboxes in the Application require the user to "double–click" the keys in quick succession. But if the application still doesn’t recognize it after pressing in rapid succession, use the settings button and the slider for textbox sensitivity to change how quickly the application recognizes the key characters.
The Application hangs while loading with "initializing application" message.
This could happen if the Application is unable to find any suitable connection or when the data stored by any of the previous installations are conflicting with the newer installation. The easiest way to circumvent this issue is to delete any existing installations and download the Application anew.

Palm Pre FAQs

I'm getting the message "Something unexpected happened in the application." What should I do?
Exit the application and try to open it again. If you get the same error message, delete the application and re-install.
How secure is my information with OX Mobile?
OX Mobile does not store your password in the device. In addition, sessions are set to a default active window of 15 minutes, after which you will timeout and need to login again to continue.
Can I choose to not store my user name in the device?
No. The user name must be encrypted and stored in the phone.
How secure is my data transfer when I am logging in using my username and password?
The application uses secure http with an industry-standard 256 encryption key for user authentications and all sensitive data submissions.
Is landscape orientation supported in the Application?
Landscape orientation is currently not supported, but will likely be added in a future release.
How do I switch on streaming data?
Streaming options can be configured through the "preferences" option in the Application Menu. Please note, however, that excessive use of streaming data can lead to rapid battery depletion – streaming data can be turned off when not in use and during non-market hours.

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