Coming Soon: A Vibrant New Virtual Trade

Get a sense of the markets, a handle on your strategies, and a feel for our trade screens all before you ever put any money on the line.

Genuine Look and Feel

  • Place orders on real-feel optionsXpress trade screens
  • Get familiar with the new options symbol format
  • Take advantage of research data like real-time quotes and charts and in-depth quote detail

Serious Strategies

  • Virtual Trade your full portfolio stocks, options, and even futures
  • Test your skill with multi-leg butterflies, collars, condors, and more
  • Try your hand with advanced orders like trailing stops, one-cancels-others (OCOs), triggered orders, and futures spreads

Try Before You Buy

  • Download your positions to track and analyze your virtual performance
  • Adjust your timing and strategies before putting real money on the line
  • Jump over to our glossary or Education Center to quickly brush up on terms or concepts
Virtual Trade Screenshot
Virtual Trade Screenshot

Account Analysis

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