Download/Transfer Your Account Activity Into Another Program

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Take advantage of our easy-to-use data download tool or Direct-Connect your account to your financial software. An easy process will let you transfer your trading activity into one of the below financial software programs to optimize your personal finances and manage your tax accounting.

Here's how to download:

1. Select the Period and Type for your activity you would like to download, click Go.

Select Period and Type of Activity

2. After your results have loaded, select the format you would like it in and click Download.

Select Format to Download

3. Your system will then ask you if you would like to open the file or save it to your computer. Make your selection and then load up the file from within the program you would like to use it in.

Save or Open Activity File

4. See the links below for additional instructions for specific software.

optionsXpress allows you to transfer your account trading data into:
  • Intuit® Quicken®
    optionsXpress supports Intuit Quicken, allowing you to download and Direct-Connect your account history from optionsXpress directly into Quicken.
    Download Instructions   Direct-Connect Instructions
  • Microsoft® Money
    optionsXpress supports Microsoft Money, allowing you to download and Direct-Connect your account history from optionsXpress directly into Money.
    Download Instructions   Direct-Connect Instructions
  • Option MoneyTM
    optionsXpress supports Option Money, allowing you to Direct-Connect your account history from optionsXpress directly into Option Money.
    Direct-Connect Instructions
  • TradelogTM
    optionsXpress offers an automated transaction download for you to get the most out of Tradelog.
    Download Instructions
  • TradeAccountantTM
    optionsXpress supports TradeAccountant's one click sync download with variable date range control, allowing you to download some or all of your transaction history directly into TradeAccountant.
    Direct-Connect Instructions
  • Microsoft Excel
    Download your trade data in a simple to use Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format.
  • Text File (ASCII)
    Use this selection to download your trade data to a text tab-delimited file. Import this file into your favorite spreadsheet application.

If you have questions at any time, email us and we'll be happy to research your request.

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