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Move money quickly and easily between an account at your current financial institution and your optionsXpress account by wire, and in most cases enjoy same-day access to your funds to begin investing.

Why wire?

Once your account is set up, a wire transfer is one of the fastest ways to send funds, especially if your financial institution is located overseas. Funding will generally be available same day after your wire is received.

How does a wire transfer work?

Contact your current bank or financial institution for complete instructions on initiating a wire transfer to optionsXpress from your current account. Wires must be received in U.S. dollars, and you must be registered on the originating account. optionsXpress DOES NOT accept third-party wires. Your financial institution will need the routing information available in our Wire FAQ to initiate the wire transfer.

Have more questions?

Contact our team for answers to all of your funding conundrums.

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